Fitness Personality Quiz

Mahdere Tena
By Mahdere Tena September 17, 2013 14:09

Fitness Personality Quiz

recommendationsHave you ever considered what motivates you to exercise? Keep in mind that not all physical activities may fit your “fitness personali1y.” If you’re finding it difficult to be physically active for 30 minutes a day on 5 or more days of the week, you may want to figure out which activities are best for you. Take this quiz from the American Institute for Cancer Research to help you identify your “fitness personali1y.”

  1. When thinking about exercise, I:
    1. Can’t wait to put on my walking shoes again.
    2. Really want to exercise but need a push.
    3. Dread the idea of moving a muscle, but am happy once I get moving.
  2. When I’m physically active, I enjoy exercising:
    1. By myself.
    2. With a team or group.
    3. With one or two friends.
  3. I exercise because:
    1. I want to stay in shape, slim down, or improve my health.
    2. I want to see my friends and catch up on the latest news.
    3. The weather is nice or I just feel like it.
  4. When I take part in a physical activi1y, I usually:
    1. Plan the event ahead of time.
    2. Participate when someone else has arranged the activi1y or class.
    3. Pull it together quickly and do something active when the mood strikes.
  5. Others see me as:
    1. A leader.
    2. A team player.
    3. Someone who always goes along with a good idea.
  6. I enjoy physical activities that are:
    1. Set by my own routine.
    2. Set by a professional, teacher, or group.
    3. Spontaneous.

To find your score, give yourself points as follows:

a = 1 point; b = 2 points; c = 3 points

If you scored:

6 – 9 points – you’re a Self-Motivator! 10 – 14 points – you’re a Team Player! 15-18 points – you’re Spontaneous!

Self-Motivators: You like structure and organization but may find yourself losing interest in your usual activities. Try adding something new to your routine. Communi1y Health Improvement offers programs that teach adults how to use step counters to monitor physical activi1y or exercise bands to build strength. For more information, call 851-3222.

Team Players: To you, exercise is a way to socialize. Try signing up for an exercise class, forming a walking group, or joining a sports team or league like bowling or tennis. You and a group of friends can form a team to increase your minutes of physical activi1y in Shape Up PA Fitness Challenge. To learn more about this new and exciting fitness initiative, call 1-888-445­4559 or visit

Spontaneous Types: You love freedom. A call from a friend to take a hike or a walk to the store for an unexpected item may be what motivates you to be active. These activities are good, but be sure to include a variety of moderate intensity activities on 5 or more days of the week.

Mahdere Tena
By Mahdere Tena September 17, 2013 14:09
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