By Michelle Jacobs

What Are UTI Symptoms in Women?

8113434_f1024Knowing whether or not you have aurinary tract infection is the first step in knowing what you need to do to get UTI symptom relief. Here we’ll discuss how you can tell if you have a urinary tract infection, and how to tell from the comfort of your own home.

UTI symptoms in women are:

1) A burning sensation when you go to the washroom.

2) Feeling like you have to go to the washroom all of the time and once you get there not being able to urinate, or producing very little urine.

3) Having cloudy urine or urine with a strong smell.

4) Having a fever, chills, nausea and/or vomiting.

5) Having a swollen abdomen or belly that is also tender or sore.

6) A pain on one side of your lower back under your ribs.

If you have any combination of these UTI symptoms, relief can be in your grasp. If you suffer from any of the last three symptoms however, you should go see a certified doctor right away as these symptoms could be the result of something more severe.

Now that you know what urinary infection symptoms in women look like, you can get relief and cure your urinary tract infection naturally and effectively sooner.



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