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We recently discovered a rare, paper-bound manuscript that turned out to be the only known record of a secret system of Chinese healing.  It’s a system of breathing techniques combined with simple body postures, handed down for centuries by traditional Chinese doctors. These powerful techniques use the principle of chi, considered by Eastern disciplines to be the energy source that carries life through your body.

  • Imagine treating and preventing, colds, viruses, ulcers, heart disease, arthritis, impotence, and discomfort from menopause – simply by breathing…
  • Imagine banishing headaches, fatigue, nervousness, stiffness and pain, simply by breathing…
  • And imagine harnessing the most powerful force in your body, channeling it, and using it to heal yourself…
  • Imagine all this, and you will understand how important a discovery we’ve made. Please let me explain…

This Recently Discovered Manuscript
Reveals Ancient Chinese Secrets

First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Rachael Linkie, Editor at Agora Health. For over twelve years, Agora Health has been researching and publishing health secrets and natural cures and remedies from around the world – treatments, cures and techniques often overlooked or suppressed by the mainstream medical establishment. But I’ve never seen a system of healing quite like this.

In fact, it’s very rare that Westerners have ever seen these techniques. It’s a secret system of Chinese breathing exercises called ki-kou, a system that’s been used by Chinese doctors for thousands of years, to help heal everything from colds to heart disease.

The techniques are based on a force called chi. (Also known as “ki,” or “qi” by Eastern philosophies.) It’s the same force the ancient Vedics of India called “prana,” and was identified as “pneuma” by the classical Greeks.

Chi is the vital, essential force behind all life. One ancient saying states that “Chi is the mother of blood.” Acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu and reiki are all based on the principles of chi, and work on the paths in the body that this energy flows through.

In fact, anyone familiar with Eastern forms of exercise and meditation has probably heard of chi. Tai chi, yoga, qi gong, karate, and Zen meditation all teach correct breathing as the basic necessity for practice. That’s because correct breathing focuses the power of chi, and radiates it through the body.

I’ll tell you more about how these techniques work in just a minute, but first, let me tell you why we so desperately need these secret techniques…

Your Breathing Is Probably All Wrong

In the Western world, we’ve learned extremely poor breathing habits. We’ve been taught from an early age to hold in our stomach and stick out our chest. Men are supposed to stand like soldiers, and women like beauty queens.

The result is that we learn to breathe by puffing out our chest. This causes very shallow breathing. We’re only using the upper portion of the lungs, and neglecting the lower lungs entirely.

This poor breathing has even led to a condition known as “hyperventilation syndrome,” a little-recognised but common disorder that can cause everything from tiredness and chest pains to sexual problems. People take rapid, small, upper-body breaths and are not getting enough oxygen.

Doctors Recognise The Importance
Of Proper Breathing

Now, any doctor can tell you that exhaling carbon dioxide too quickly will disturb the balance of acidity and alkalinity  – known as your pH – in your blood. When the acid level drops, a complicated reaction occurs that actually keeps the blood cells from delivering oxygen to muscles and organs, including the brain.

This can lead to high blood pressure, racing heart rate, and shallow breathing that can lie at the root of many of our ills, including heart disease.

Doctors have begun to realise the importance of proper breathing. Breathing techniques are now used by Western doctors for a variety of treatments, for everything from sports performance to reducing high blood pressure, and from headaches to emphysema.

This is a good beginning, and a step in the right direction. But the breathing techniques Western doctors are using are still simply based on getting more oxygen into the lower lungs.

Unfortunately, Western Medicine Completely Misses The Most Powerful Secret Of Healing

You see, Western medicine refuses to recognise the existence of energy fields. If Western scientists can’t measure something, quantify it, or put it under a microscope, to them it doesn’t exist.

In the Eastern healing systems, they’re not bound by these quantitative limitations. These secrets have been used for thousands of years, and thousands of years of success is proof enough for them.

These healers understand the most powerful force in living beings: The power of chi.

By practicing ki-kou, the ancient Chinese breathing techniques, you do much more than simply get more oxygen into the lower lobes of your lungs. You actually radiate vital life energy through your body.

The ancient Chinese believed that when chi is stalled in your body, you get sick. When you practice ki-kou, your energy is able to travel through your body freely, healing and preventing disease.

That’s why chi is the basis of so many Eastern healing arts. They believe that healing and wellness stem from the care and management of this central life force, the energy system that is within every living creature. The belief is that when chi flows freely and smoothly, the body’s organs and systems are in a state of harmony. When chi becomes blocked, imbalance and illness can occur.

Probably the most well-known system based on chi is acupuncture. Acupuncture charts show 12 major meridians in the body, (paths that chi flows through), as well as minor meridians and other points across the body. The acupuncturist uses hair-thin needles placed in designated spots along these meridians to stimulate the body’s energy. Shiatsu, acupressure and reiki all work on these meridians and energy fields.

Ki-kou simply uses body postures, simple movements, and precise breathing patterns to change the flow of this healing energy inside and outside of the body. What’s great about ki-kou is that you don’t need to go to an acupuncturist, a shiatsu practitioner, an acupressurist, or any therapist at all. You can practice ki-kou easily, right at home, any time of day that’s convenient for you.

Simple Techniques Balance Your Mind
And Body, Freeing Healing Energy

The first techniques in this manuscript show you how to prepare for ki-kou by relaxing your body. You will be shown the exact posture you need to assume for each exercise. These are very relaxed and comfortable positions. When you’re in the proper position, it’s called “chou-shinn,” which means “conditioning your body.”

Next, you’re taught to relax your body and mind completely. You reach a completely peaceful state of mind.

This is called “balancing mind.”

Finally, you’re shown how to balance your breathing into a calm, deep, slow rhythm. This is the most natural and comfortable way to breathe, and it’s called “chou-soku,” or “balanced breathing.”

Now you are completely relaxed. You will feel calmness and peace within yourself. You feel emotions such as nervousness and anxiety slipping away. Your chi can flow smoothly through your body, and you are ready for specific ki-kou techniques.

Here are just a few of the techniques you
can use to heal and prevent disease:

  • Boost your immune system to help prevent disease with “ton-ren-mai-zan.” (In this technique, you’ll also learn to use two secret pressure points, known as dan-chu and hya-kkai, along with the breathing. These are critical areas where chi can be stalled in the body, causing illness and disease.)
  • Reduce angina symptoms with “fei-je-jan-yo” – simple movements that Western doctors may not discover for another hundred years.
  • Beat fatigue with “pei-ta-chuen-shen.” (This technique uses a secret system of tapping and patting the body – more concentrated than massage, but more gentle than acupressure – to free energy throughout the body. It’s fast, it’s easy, and the results are amazing.)
  • Lessen arthritis pain with “woo-rong-tan-jao:” Drugs simply mask pain and suppress inflammation. Healing techniques such as woo-rong-tan-jao combine gentle movements, breathing, and the body’s own energy to relieve and heal afflicted areas.
  • Relieve breathing problems with “chu-chi-jun-pi.” This technique will remind you of the most classic yoga postures. Simple and easy – but combined with a certain stretch and proper breathing, the lower lungs are expanded and used. At the same time, healing energy is freed throughout your chest, lungs, and entire body.
  • Boost your sex drive with “jo-tie-nho-hao.” Western medicine keeps looking for a magic pill to boost your sex drive and cure impotence. Unfortunately, it’s usually just another drug – with side effects and long-term damage that’s only discovered way down the line. But this technique uses a simple principle and gentle internal movements to stimulate your body’s natural functions. It’s absolutely the simplest and safest way in the world to rejuvenate yourself.
  • Ease gout with “chin-ron-bai-jao.” (Secret rocking motion relieves pain and frees healing energy.)
  • Manage menstrual cramps and excessive bleeding with “to-tien-an-dean.” (Special exercises massage internal organs…)
  • Find deep, restful sleep with “an-chi-wan-jo” (once again, using secret pressure points can produce miraculous results in the body…)
  • Control appetite and cravings with “rein-fowa-guon.” This technique combines gentle massaging of pressure points around the face with secret movements that stimulate the digestive system – from the mouth to the stomach – to eliminate food cravings instantly.

Each one of these techniques is beautifully diagrammed and carefully explained. They’re easy to follow, and easy to do. No confusion, no misunderstanding. The author has brought these ancient secrets alive, and delivered them right into your hands.

And, in Healing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques, you’ll find over 125 pages of these ancient secrets, covering almost every imaginable pain and illness.

As you perform these techniques, you can actually feel the powerful force of chi. You feel it begin in your brain, run down your spinal cord and lower back, and then diffuse through your body. And you achieve this by simply sitting or standing in the correct posture, performing some simple movements, and breathing correctly.

Limited Copies Available – Order your copy today and claim a special 60-day risk-free trial

The English Translation Of
Ki-Kou Is Now Available

As I said earlier, we’ve recently completed the English translation of Dr. Li’s manuscript. This is the first time that we know of that the ancient system of ki-kou has been recorded and made available to Westerners. And we’d like to offer you a special opportunity to try it yourself.

Claim a risk-free 60-day trial right here and now

Right now, we have a special promotional offer in effect. Ordinarily, a translation such as this sells for £50 to £75. But we’re offeringHealing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques to To Your Health readers for the discounted price of just £19.95 – over half off the usual price.

This offer comes to you directly from the publishers of Agora Health Books, which is how we’re able to offer you such a low price. There are no middlemen, no clearing houses, and no national chains to mark up the price. We commissioned the translation ourselves, and you buy the book directly from us.

It’s the cheapest, most efficient form of publishing available. And you get the primary benefit – lowest cost.

This is a limited time offer, so don’t delay. After this, we may be forced to raise the price.

Besides, since we’re publishing this book ourselves, we can offer you this complete guarantee of your satisfaction:

You have a full 60 days to examine Healing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques. Try the techniques for a little while. See if you can feel the chi within your body, travelling down your spine, or sometimes as either warm or cool energy near the navel. Once you can feel it, it’s said that you can direct the energy to other areas of the body.

If you don’t find Healing with Ki-Kou: The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Breathing Techniques to be everything you expected, simply return the book to us in good condition, and we’ll immediately refund your money.

This way, you have absolutely nothing to lose when you order. If you’re not completely satisfied, you get your money back, no questions asked.

So please, respond today. Supplies are limited.







Rachael Linkie

Agora Health
P.S. This is hands down the simplest, most powerful form of healing we’ve ever seen. And it’s the first time ever that this ancient system of breathing techniques has been made available to Westerners. So order today. Remember, your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed.You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it.



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