This Japanese Method Will Help The Healing In A Few Minutes. It also helps with anger, depression, anxiety, nervousness and many other health problems.

Japanese people are perhaps the best when it comes to healing while not consuming drugs. They have come up with so many different ways and techniques to overcome certain health problems. Did you know that Each Finger Is Tied To Two Organs: This Japanese Method Will Help The Healing In a Few Minutes. It is unbelievable how people can solve health problems using such techniques.

Jean Shin Jyutsu is an ancient form of Japanese art of healing that helps to balance the emotions by stimulating specific points on the hands. It is really simple to understand the method. Each finger is connected to a certain organ, which has connections to a certain emotion. Say goodbye to the antidepressants and other drugs you have used to heal and control your emotions.

How to do it:

Hold your finger with the other hand and press it with your hand. Hold it like that 3 – 5 minutes. Breathe deeply while doing that. By massaging each finger you can also achieve a general body harmonization. If you want to get the best results out of it practice it with each finger individually, and hold about three minutes on each.


Organs: stomach and spleen

Emotions: anxiety, depression,

Physical symptoms: abdominal pain, skin problems, headaches, nervousness

Index finger (Forefinger):

Organs: kidney and bladder

Emotions: disappointment, fear, confusion

Physical symptoms: muscle aches, backache, toothache, problems with digestive system

Middle finger:

Organs: liver and gall – bag

Emotions: Indecision, anger, irritability

Physical symptoms: Problems with blood circulation, menstrual pain, vision problems, fatigue, frontal headache, migraine

Ring finger:

Organs: lungs and colon

Emotions: Negativity, sadness, fear of rejection, grief

Physical symptoms: ringing in the ears, respiratory problems, asthma, skin diseases, problems with digestion

Small finger:

Organs: heart and small intestine

Emotions: care, anxiety, nervousness, lack of self – esteem

Physical symptoms: heart disease, sore throat, stomach bloating, problems with bones

You read how Each Finger Is Tied To Two Organs: This Japanese Method Will Help The Healing In a Few Minutes. We have to admit that Japanese are genius people when it comes to such methods. Try this amazing healing method and see the results for yourself!!



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