1. Don’t Smoke:
    After a major meal you should not take cigarette immediately because it could be dangerous for you. Cigarette is always dangerous for us experts proves that Top of Form a cigarette after meal is similar to smoking 10 cigarettes and it higher the chance of cancer.
  2. Don’t Eat Fruit:
    Fruits are always beneficial for our health and beauty and fruits give us lots of benefits. But taking fruits immediately after meal could be dangerous. So, don’t eat fruits immediately.
  3. Don’t Take Tea:
    Don’t drink tea because tea leaves include a high content of acid. This substance will reason the Proteincontent in the foods product we eat or drink to be hardened thus hard to digest.
  4. Don’t Loosen Your Belt:
    Loosening the belt after a major meal will simply reason the intestine to be twisted & blocked.
  5. Don’t sleep immediately:
    After major meal you don’t sleep immediately. The food you intake will not be able to digest correctly. So, doctors always advice us that we must do some walk after major deals.
    These are very effective tips for you and if you will follow it then you will be fit and healthy otherwise you will face different diseases. If you would like to get some more tips about health and beauty then we update here daily latest and natural tips about health and beauty. Visit here daily and get useful tips.

Source- http://heallthytips.blogspot.com


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